Boulder Music Schedule: T/W/F
Broadwater Music Schedule: M/Th
Please have your child(ren) wear comfortable clothing and shoes on music days. We move! No flipflops or snowboots! Be careful of tops--they should  not show midriff when arms are raised. Classes are 30 minutes in length--Grades 1-3, once weekly; Grades 4-6, twice weekly.

Kindergarten: Tuesdays or Fridays

Kindergarten: Mondays

Mrs. Payton-8:30; Mrs. Grimstad-9:05; Mrs. DeLapp-9:40;
Mrs. Marcotte-10:15; Mrs. Campbell-12:00
Mr. Santala-Fridays at 1:30

Mrs. Berry-12:00; Mrs. Elenbaas-12:30;
Mrs. Robson-1:00

1st Grade: Wednesdays
1st Grade: Mondays

Mr. Cicero-12:45; Mrs. Olson-1:15
Mrs. Conrad-1:45

Mrs. Stanaway-9:30; Mrs. Romei-10:00;
Ms. Sibley-10:30; Mrs. Bishop-11:00

2nd Grade: Fridays
2nd Grade:Thursdays

Mrs. Hammerlie-8:30; Ms. Achten-12:30; Ms. Ponce-1:00

  Mrs. Schulze-9:50; Mrs.Barker-10:25;
Mrs. Rott-11:00
3rd Grade: Tuesdays
3rd Grade: Thursdays
Ms. Kimmet-12:50; Mrs. Crowe-1:20

Mrs. Gasvoda-12:00; Mrs. Reichenbach-12:30;
Mrs. Harvey-1:00

4th Grade: T/W/F
4th Grade: Mondays/Thursdays

Mrs. Hersel-T/F at 2:00;
Ms. Estrada-T at 2:30, W at 11:00
Mr. Martin-W at 12:10, F at 9:00

Mrs. Steffes-1:30; Mrs. Pogue-2:00
Ms. Hart-2:30
5th Grade: Wednesdays/Fridays in Library, 9:30
5th Grade: Mondays/Thursdays, 8:30
6th Grade: Wednesdays/Fridays in Library, 10:00