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Kindergarten: We are practicing steady beat through singing, moving, and playing instruments; and using our singing voices while developing a song repertoire.

1st Grade:We are practicing steady beat patterns while singing, moving, and playing instruments. We are learning how to use our singing voices while developing a repertoire of songs. We are practicing using our singing muscles!

4th Grade: We are adding soprano recorder to our instrumentarium. We will continue to sing, move and play while learning recorder skills. See parent letter below that went home 3/14.

I have ordered recorders for everyone. Please make sure that you have paid your $7 from the 4th grade supply list to your child's classroom teacher.

Recorder Assignments:
Parent Letter
Recorder Fingering Chart
Interactive Recorder Fingering Chart (see & hear)

Bounce High (white belt)
Hot Cross buns (yellow belt), green book, p. 13
Welcome All (orange belt)
Boulder-Due Tue/Wed, April 18/19
Broadwater-Thursday, April 20
It's Raining (green belt), green book p. 28
Boulder-Due Tue/Wed, May 2 & 3
Broadwater-Thursday, May 4
Hotaru Koi (purple belt)
Boulder-Due May 23/24
Broadwater-Due May 22

Boulder Concert: Friday, May 19 at 1:30 in gym

Broadwater Concert: Thursday, My 18 at 2:00 in gym


2nd Grade: We are playing simple accompaniments on barred instruments, singing a varied repertoire, singing in canon, and adding sound effects to music.

5th Grade:

Broadwater: World Drumming Continued!

We are picking up where we left off before our guitar unit, learning how to combine tone/bass sounds on tubano drums.

Boulder: Instruments of the Orchestra

We are learning how instruments are placed into families based on how they make their sound; and identifying instruments by sound. We are also reviewing the size/pitch relationship, and will have some special guests in to demonstrate their instruments.


3rd Grade: We are putting together our program based on proverbs and sayings using skills learned throughout the year.

6th Grade (Boulder only)

Musical Theatre: We are studying the genres of musical theatre--ballet, opera, musical, and operetta. We are having a great time viewing clips of older musicals while learning about voice types, ensemble and choreography that makes a musical.

Here are some fun YouTube links for favorite opera and musical clips:





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